Post Xmas update.

Now that Christmas is over it is interesting to briefly review the busiest time of the year for the catering industry and see what the most popular products were. I know how much food and drink gets consumed as this time of year and I do feel like I was single handedly responsible for the rise in food and drink consumption.

2013’s number 1, in terms of most searched for on, was Red Bull. No. 2 Coca Cola, 3 Peroni Nastro Azzuro Beer, 4 Diet Coke and 5 Jack Daniels.

In addition we launched a new Knorr soup on behalf of Unilever Food Solutions which has proven to be very successful and we have lots of requests for free samples.

We are also about to launch a new cheese on behalf of another one of our partners and I will blog about it once this has gone live.

We are very excited about 2014 and wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful one.

Happy New Year


The Improve That Price Team


Coca Cola, the most searched for product on

There are currently just under 20,000 products listed on and in November the most searched for product was Coca Cola.

Coca Cola is the one product sold by every food service company in the country.

It’s the one product that everyone tries to use at some point for promotions and its price can vary from currently £6.59, from McTurks, to £11.28 from 3663, although the price from suppliers can vary depending on where the depot is located.

Since prices at are constantly updated users will always know where to buy Coke at the best price. It is, however, recommended to also compare prices of other products as it may be that suppliers increase prices elsewhere to compensate for the ‘cheap’ Coke.

To compare more than just one product there is the basket facility available where an unlimited number of products can be compared instantly.

Are price comparison sites good for business?

A recently published article in an industry publication, Better Wholesaling, discussed the effects Improve That Price and other similar sites could have on the wholesale market. Although many wholesalers are in favour of a site that will compare them, there are some who suggested that they were concerned that a site such as could not accurately compare them as they have different prices for different customers especially customers who buy in volume.

This, however, is one of the reasons was set up initially, to give smaller businesses, such as the local corner shop, an opportunity to buy at the same prices as the larger ones, the Tesco local etc.

All suppliers compared on are compared accurately and objectively as the site is 100% independent and will remain independent.

It is true that it is not all just about the price from a wholesaler but also down to service, deliveries and availability of products. The customers must therefore ensure that they buy where they get the best deal for themselves using as a tool assisting them in making and informed decision and leaving feedback on the site to help future users in choosing the right supplier.

A comparison site for the catering industry, or any industry for that matter, creates transparency and competitiveness on a wide scale with benefits for the wider economy.


Improve Your Price

18 months ago Improve That Price was launched with the aim of helping SME’s in the catering industry save money on their daily purchases.

Improve That Price helps users, searching for a particular product, find relevant, accurate and current information across all areas related to the catering industry.

There are wholesalers in the catering industry that list prices in catalogues and on websites at higher levels than they would actually sell for and depending on the size of a business and the relationship they have with that business the difference in cost can be substantial.

Sites like Improve That Price are starting to change this  way of doing business by making the wholesale market more transparent. Those suppliers and wholesaler who want to be leaders in internet sales and have one price for all will, in time, drive down prices.

Surely the cost to the supplier when a customer uses the ‘click and collect’ feature, which is increasing in popularity,  is the same whether a customer buys a pallet or a case

Those who are less willing to open up and have a fair pricing structure in place will eventually loose out.

Not all suppliers are keen for this change to happen but this change is inevitable.

The entrepreneurs helping small businesses find a price that’s right

On the 19 May 2013 an article in the Sunday Telegraph was published about Improve That Price and how the site is helping SME’s to save money on their regular purchases.

The article also highlighted the fact that some of the companies that are being compared are not happy with having their prices on These companies are substantially more expensive than other distributers. One company even suggested to “take further action” should their details not be removed.

This is positive feedback which we like as it shows that we are doing something right. We want companies to complain about us, we want them to be unhappy that we are comparing them against much cheaper suppliers and we want them to reduce their prices so that small companies also have a chance in this competitive market where its always the big players who manage to negotiate better deals due to the buying powers they have.

SMEs accounted for 99.9 per cent of of all private sector businesses in the UK of which a large number is in food and catering.

Check out the link below to the article in the Sunday Telegraph.

How do you know?

Have you ever thought about how you know that your website is giving the service your users want and need?

Of course there are several ways to check the popularity of your site, there are the visits you can count or bounce rates you can check, there are page views and average time on site. These are all really great tools that give you an overall picture of how you are doing and how well your site is being liked.

The best way to know if your site is successful, is it making any cash?

I get it, but I myself am not happy with it because I always think to myself “why is the bounce rate so high” or “is this all the time they spend on my site???” It could and should be always better, right? It also could and probably should also make more cash!

In my my opinion, nothing beats speaking directly to our users, getting firsthand feedback, watching them actually using the site and making notes as to where they click or don’t.

You can’t buy this kind of information and even if you could how could you be sure that the feedback you are getting is relevant to your particular site?

Improve That Price was designed for small businesses and helping them get the best prices possible in these really hard times. I had a small business and know how difficult it is to try and compete against the big players and the leverage they have over suppliers. We aim to level things a little, making the wholesale market more transparent. Showing SME that they can also get good prices to tempt the customers they lost back.

We ar doing this by offering a service which is tailored around the needs of small business. We are able to do this as this is our background meaning we have been there our selves and understand their needs.

Unilever Food Solutions use Improve That Price to launch new Knorr product

Recently launched Improve That Price has been chosen by Unilever Food Solutions to launch a  product from one of their major brands, Knorr.

With annual sales topping €3 billion, Knorr is Unilever’s biggest-selling brand.

The product is featured on Improve That Price’s homepage and has been extremely well received by the over a thousand chefs and restaurant owners who regularly use the site. Improve That Price is the first price comparison site for the catering industry with user numbers growing by 50% each month.

We compare over fifty suppliers in food, drink, catering equipment, cleaning and hygiene with other categories being added soon.

Improve That Price is an extremely useful tool if you own or work for a restaurant, bar, convenience store or catering company and want to make sure you are getting the best prices from your suppliers.