About Us

My name is Yoni, I am one of three directors at Improve That Price.

http://www.improvethatprice.com was set up by Faisal, Moin and myself with the aim of helping small businesses improve their bottom line.

We all have many years of experience in the food industry and know the difficulties of running a successful food business.

I had a small chain of bakeries in London and left the business just over two years ago with the intention of setting up Improve That Price. I found several aspects of the food business challenging with one of the main one being staffing. Staffing was always an issue especially when you are open 24/7/365, yes including Christmas day and New Years day.

Rent and rates are obvious issues as is waste but improving your cost of sales was a real challenge too. This brings us to Improve That Price. The idea was to get major suppliers to open up, become more transparent with their pricing to small business. In my bakeries I was able to increase prices to a certain point but there is a limit to what the customer will pay for a loaf of bread or a pastry so the only option that remained was to try and improve purchasing. As you may have experienced for yourself when contacting a supplier, as a small business this is not to easy as one has very little “leverage” meaning that if your are unable to buy in bulk very often the price would be much higher.

Improve That Price’s goal is to create a platform for suppliers to offer their best prices and be compared to each other directly.

We also appreciate the fact that the cheapest is not necessarily the best and have therefore created a feedback area where users can leave comments for everyone to read and decide which supplier they would prefer to use.

We hope you will find improvethatprice.com useful and we welcome feedback to help us improve.


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