National Curry Week is Here!

This week National Curry Week is in town from 12th October – 18th October and what a week it’s proving to be. Held every year since 1998 it is here to show case Indian food and to get the taste buds going. We at Improve That Price love Indian food and can’t wait to try out some of the traditional dishes from old and new restaurants this week.

Whilst chicken tikka may be the most popular dish in the UK, a traditional Indian curry still is behind pasta and pizza in the popularity stakes (according to The Independent) and so still has some way to go to being amongst the most popular dishes in the UK.

With the uplift in sales expected for National Curry Week, now may be a good time for wholesalers to be stocking up on their curry essentials for the numerous Indian restaurants up and down the country. Perhaps even giving a few promotions on curry related stocks like vegetable oil, onions, tomato’s, chilli powder, garlic etc may lure the Indian restaurant owner into their warehouse to stock up on the wares.

At Improve That Price, we have been tracking the cost of ingredients at the UK’s largest wholesalers over the last year and this data ensures that the restaurant owners can save money on their weekly shop for all their ingredients and dry stock needs. For example, Star Catering has Olympic Vegetable Oil 2 x 10Lt on Special Offer for £11.99 this week, a great saving for any Indian restaurant against the usual price of £16.99.

So be sure to check the best prices you can buy at using the Improve That Price website when your free!

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