Real Time Wholesale Prices now Available to Small Businesses

This week, we have now made it possible for any small business – café, bar, restaurant, caterer, convenience store etc. to have access to real-time prices of wholesalers to find out which provides the best price for specific products.

To date, the transparency of these prices have not been available to small companies and only been made available for wholesalers and manufacturers who use the prices to work out what their pricing strategies for promotions are.

As the monthly subscriptions paid by these wholesalers are much higher than small businesses can afford, it has not been possible to provide this for small businesses until now.

Hence, we have now launched a new subscription where small businesses can pay as low as £2.95 to get a day pass and see all the prices of products. Alternatively, you can also opt for the £9.95 per month subscription and have access to all prices every day, which we feel provides a very affordable option.

So why do you need real time pricing from wholesalers?  If you can see what the spot price of a product is and then compare to what you’re currently paying, then you can see if you will be saving some money just by moving wholesalers. Doing this once a week is good practice to keep an eye on the bottom line and making sure you’re getting the right price. With a lot of products you’re selling being pretty standard products, it then just comes down to which wholesaler you buy it from and at which price to enable your business to make as much profit as possible.