Cash & Carry on Improve That Price

Improve That Price, launched 18 months ago, has since that first day increased its list of suppliers from 3 to 61 and the list is growing, with user numbers also increasing month on month by an average of 50%.

However, its only recently that we added Cash & Cary as we feel that if we are to give a true price comparison of the entire food/drink/catering industry then it goes without saying that Cash & Carry retailers must be included as so many of our users buy from them regularly.

Users are now able to compare the likes of Costco, Bestway and Bookers and understand, at a glance, whether its worth making that trip to the local Cash & Carry, get it delivered or preorder from the distributor and collect.

One has to take into consideration when going to a Cash & Carry additional costs and inconveniences such as: 1. the traffic, 2. travel time, 3. shopping time, 4. queuing at the till time, 5. lifting the goods from the trolley to the till and back and into the van and out. 6. fuel. I am sure there are more inconveniences but if the Cash & Carry are so much cheaper then perhaps this might be worth the effort as it is all about that bottom line and we do for our businesses whatever it takes!

We believe that even in our very traditional industry the internet is the future and when a business owner has the option to go into the stock room, scan with their Improve That Price phone app all the products they want to order for delivery and choose, via the app, the cheapest supplier for that particular order at that moment then that must be the way forward.

The industry is undoubtably moving towards the internet and I am happy that we have a small part in this change for the better.

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