The entrepreneurs helping small businesses find a price that’s right

On the 19 May 2013 an article in the Sunday Telegraph was published about Improve That Price and how the site is helping SME’s to save money on their regular purchases.

The article also highlighted the fact that some of the companies that are being compared are not happy with having their prices on These companies are substantially more expensive than other distributers. One company even suggested to “take further action” should their details not be removed.

This is positive feedback which we like as it shows that we are doing something right. We want companies to complain about us, we want them to be unhappy that we are comparing them against much cheaper suppliers and we want them to reduce their prices so that small companies also have a chance in this competitive market where its always the big players who manage to negotiate better deals due to the buying powers they have.

SMEs accounted for 99.9 per cent of of all private sector businesses in the UK of which a large number is in food and catering.

Check out the link below to the article in the Sunday Telegraph.