How do you know?

Have you ever thought about how you know that your website is giving the service your users want and need?

Of course there are several ways to check the popularity of your site, there are the visits you can count or bounce rates you can check, there are page views and average time on site. These are all really great tools that give you an overall picture of how you are doing and how well your site is being liked.

The best way to know if your site is successful, is it making any cash?

I get it, but I myself am not happy with it because I always think to myself “why is the bounce rate so high” or “is this all the time they spend on my site???” It could and should be always better, right? It also could and probably should also make more cash!

In my my opinion, nothing beats speaking directly to our users, getting firsthand feedback, watching them actually using the site and making notes as to where they click or don’t.

You can’t buy this kind of information and even if you could how could you be sure that the feedback you are getting is relevant to your particular site?

Improve That Price was designed for small businesses and helping them get the best prices possible in these really hard times. I had a small business and know how difficult it is to try and compete against the big players and the leverage they have over suppliers. We aim to level things a little, making the wholesale market more transparent. Showing SME that they can also get good prices to tempt the customers they lost back.

We ar doing this by offering a service which is tailored around the needs of small business. We are able to do this as this is our background meaning we have been there our selves and understand their needs.

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