The more the better!

Improve That Price is a price comparison site as you may know should you been following these blogs. Our aim is to help small business improve the prices they are getting from their wholesale suppliers. We started with catering equipment, food and drink and there are several more categories in the planing, some will be going live soon.

Our team is made up of people from the food industry and we understand the difficulties of running a business really well, with high costs being the one massive headache.

It is really important for us to keep business up to date with new developments on our site as we believe that if you want to stay ahead of the game you need information. The more information we can provide the better your decision making will be. We will continuously update ITP with good quality, relevant and useful information to help business make those decisions.

The latest news at Improve That Price is that we have just added a major new food and drink wholesale supplier, AtoZ catering supplies.

The reason for these blogs is to spread the word as we feel small business needs to wake up to the fact that saving money is possible even if you are not a multi national company with big buying powers.

The market is changing and becoming more transparent so if you want to save you must compare your suppliers. The more businesses compare their suppliers the more the suppliers will have to compete for YOU, the customer.

The more the better!