Why Compare?

When you are a business owner it often happens that you can loose sight of some areas of your business. This may perhaps be due to the fact that you rely on certain people in charge of certain roles within in your business to care and perform well, but as we know this is not always the case. There are suppliers who you and your employees build relationships with over the years and you assume that you are being well looked after and in some cases this may be true but I know that when it comes down to my business, I want to know exactly where my money is going to and know that I am getting the best price possible. We know what happens when one assumes! http://www.improvethatprice.com makes comparing your suppliers as easy as possible and gives the business owner the tools to be able to achieve the best possible deal for his business. If, for example, a business owner is looking to buy Coca Cola cans, currently the most searched for and clicked product on improvethatprice.com, then there are several prices to choose from ranging from £7.36-£8.50. These are massive differences. Below is a link to that page: 


Improve That Price also offers a catering equipment category which is certainly not a category used daily by businesses but the savings can be substantial. From the hand stick blenders to the kitchen sink its pretty much all there.

There is also a food category and several more are being currently developed. Will keep you posted.